Getting sick on you holiday is never fun…

Marijke Smudde

Marijke Smudde

Zorgteam Costa Brava

Explaining your symptoms to a Spanish doctor is difficult if you don’t speak the language.

We at the Home Care Costa Brava team are happy to help you. We have a team of nurses and can interpret and translate for you and know where you can get quick and good help.

Depending on how you are insured, we can refer and/or accompany you to the various private clinics or the Hospital Palamós. As official contact person of ANWB Barcelona, the lines are short in case of admission or repatriation. For more information or request for assistance you can call Marijke Smudde at telephone number +34 628 307 585 or contact us via the contact form.

The hourly rate for counselling is €25,- per hour + kilometres, for telephone consultations the hourly rate is €15,-. All our services will be invoiced and depending on your insurance you can also claim these costs.


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