About us

October 7, 2017, om 2:17

Marijke Smudde


After working 25 year in the Netherlands as a  nurse, in 2005 I tured my life around and started working  at the Costa Brava Spain. Helping earldery  to stay independent as long as possible is my daily goal  . I First worked for more than 10 years at  Creu Costa Catalana but in January 2015 I started my own homecare company ZorgTeam/ Careteam CostaBrava.

I speak  Dutch, German and English and also  Spanish. I provide daily personal care such as showering getting dressed and ofcourse nursing care to residents, retirees and tourists .

Me and my team can acompany you to your docters and hospital appointments  We are all professional caretakers and domestic helpers  we all speaking English and Spanisch

Naturally I’m subscribed to the “Colegio de Enfermeras“, the Spanish nursing quality register.