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The services of Care Team Costa Brava

The best service for you or your loved ones

ZorgTeam Costa Brava is the portal for excellent healthcare on the Costa Brava. All our affiliated physicians, paramedics and other services speak Dutch and/or English.

You can come to us for a diversity of medical assistance. From family doctor dentist, home care, physical therapy, a pedicure (specializing for diabetics) and orthopedic insoles to assistive devices such as a wheelchair. Zorgteam Costa Brava provides a wide range of professional medical services.

We are characterized by the personal contact where we are happy to discuss your desired care in a personal meeting with no obligation.
Together with you.

Supporting family caregivers
Want to enjoy the Spanish sun, but limitations prevent you from doing so? Or are you temporarily less vital? As a caregiver, do you actually want to share care and enjoy
a well-deserved vacation?
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Home care
Lovely living and growing old on the Costa Brava. Even if your health makes you a bit more dependent, the children cannot come over indefinitely and you also do not want to go to the Netherlands all the time. It's possible with Zorgteam Costa Brava care.
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ZorgTeam Costa Brava organizes twice a year in the spring and fall, a first aid and CPR course. This Dutch-language course consists of 4 evenings of 2 hours. The course is taught by an experienced CCU nurse and you will receive a CPR certificate.
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Explaining symptoms to a Spanish doctor is difficult if you don't speak the language. We at the Care Team Costa Brava are happy to go with you. We have a team of nurses and can interpret and translate for you and know where to get you fast and good service.
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Thuiszorg in Spanje aan huis

The working method of Zorgteam Costa Brava

Transparency and clarity

We want you to know where you stand. Therefore, we value clear communication and openness. In 4 steps, we explain to you our method:

Get in touch

Send us an email, call us or fill out our contact form.

Make an appointment

Together we will find a suitable date and time when we can visit you to get acquainted.

Getting to know

We get to know each other and note your care needs and requirements.

Compile Agreement

The agreement is drawn up and you can enjoy the Costa Brava carefree.


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+34 628 307 585

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Phone number

+34 628 307 585

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