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Because of our motto “we are stronger together”, we work closely with a few partners. This way we can help you as good as possible with all your problems and wishes.

Anita van Hooff

General Practitioner

My name is Anna (Anita) van Hooff. After working almost 20 years as a general practitioner in the Netherlands, I started my own practice at the Costa Brava in 2011. De practice is still growing and has a lasting international clientele.

Besides the regular patients, we often see a lot of tourists and people who stay here for a short or a longer period. You are very welcome to all the help we can give, with both small and big problems. If we can’t fix it ourselves, we know our way around in the Spanish healthcare.

Visits to homes are, essentially, a possibility. However this should always be consulted with the doctor.

Tom van Biesen


My name is Tom van Biesen. I am working as a physiotherapist, manual therapist and osteopath D.O. in our centrum Osteopatía Costa Brava in Palamós.

I am specialized in treating musculoskeletal disorders (disorder of the muscle- and musculoskeletal system) and orthopedic rehabilitation. The treatments exist of a combination of manual techniques, practice therapy and advise. Treatments last for an average of an hour. In our centrum we are striving for a personalized approach with attention for the patient as a human being, taking into account everyone’s personal situation. Next to individual treatments, we also offer different moving therapies in the shape of group classes for both young and old.



Did you get sick at the Costa Brava and do you want to show the medical reports to your general practitioner in the Netherlands? If that’s the case, they should be translated. Do you have an appointment with a doctor, but you don’t (or barely) speak spanish and/or catalan? Then a translator is desirable. These are services that I can provide. I am working as a translator in Girona for over 20 years. Since 2009 I work in a private clinic as a translator, where I help patients during a visit to the doctor.

Ilse van Loon

Beauty Specialist

Since 1994 I’ve been working as a branch manager in different perfume stores in the Netherlands. The last 3 years there was a beauty salon situated in the perfumery. This has always been my biggest interest. After the perfumery I went to work for a beauty salon in Amsterdam. At that beauty salon, I learned more about being a beauty specialist and I got in contact with ‘cosmeceuticals’; cosmetics developed by dermatologists with high-tech ingredients found in the nature.

I noted that the use of these products resulted in an improvement of the skin on the long term. With this professional treatment it is possible to look younger without the surgery and injections! Here in Spain I continued working with these cosmeceuticals.

Do you want to experience this fantastic facial treatment? Make an appointment now. You will be astonished by the results.

Finny Hoekstra

Foundation Accessible Spain

FH works for the Foundation Accessible Spain (ToegankelijkSpanje). The foundation has set as a goal: ´To inform people with a disability and elderly people about possibilities for a holiday at the Costa Brava, Spain. We also promote accessible accommodations in this area.´

Finny is originally Dutch and has lived at the Costa Brava for 15 years. She has worked in healthcare for 10 years, as administrative support. Currently, she works at the reception at the International Doctor´s practice. Finny is always looking for new, adapted and suitable hotels, apartments or campsites for the foundation.

Furthermore, the foundation can inform you about adapted taxis, suitable restaurants and days out/sightseeing. Finny is in contact with the local government, in collaboration with ZorgTeam CostaBrava, in order to improve accessibility.